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APPETITE will be directed by the Perianovi sisters aka Yagama and Ilina Perianova.

The duo has worked together on multiple film projects starting in 2009, as well as on theatre projects including Ilina’s graduation piece “I Am Hungry”. Their most recent collaboration was on the awarded Eat me! short musical film in 2015-2016 as well as some commercial work. Right  now they are in the process of developing several projects.

APPETITE will be their first collaboration as Co-Directors.

Yagama/ Writer, Director, Art Director, Original art, Producer

yagama_MG_9250 corr finAL CROP copyYagama is originally from Bulgaria and works in a  variety of media, including film, painting, poetry, installations, and video art. She has performed and collaborated on artwork, as a live video artist, fire performer and set designer, in over 13 countries around the world. She likes to create multi-levelled work, inspired by  myth and ritual and the desire for personal and social transformation. Yagama studied Painting and Cultural Anthropology at Hunter College, CUNY. In 2006, she started creating site specific installations and founded the Uga Buga Art Collective. She carried out a number of projects as the group’s artistic director, including installations in Marocco and Spain, and a permanent labyrinth garden in Sofia’s Geo Milev park, installations and festival set design projects. The group later transformed into a film production house, and has produced two successful shorts. Yagama’s involvement with the moving image started in 2007, initially as a VJ – live video performer. Since then, she has participated as a live video artist in Bulgaria, Germany, UK, Russia, Italy and Slovakia, among others. She has continued by working on live media projects involving theatre and dance, such as  Bulgarian Culture Fund award-winning video/theatre performance “KaroL:Lorak,”  Yagama has also directed various music videos. In 2015-16 she was the production designer and costumeof  Eat me! musical film, which she produced and wrote the lyrics for together with her sister Ilina Perianova.  She also produced Ilina’s graduation film “Snowgirl“.

Stills from Yagama’s short poetry film “Nomads”

Ilina Perianova/ Co-Director, Script editor, Producer

ilina 2
Ilina Perianova is from Sofia, Bulgaria. Her BA university studies are in theatre acting and directing from New Bulgarian University. She has also studied theatre acting for two years in France and has attended various dance and acting workshops. As an actress Ilina has taken part in many plays during her theatre studies, shown in some of the main theaters in Sofia. As her degree project in 2010 she directed “I am hungry” – a multi-media collage pastiche based on three plays by French authors. Encouraged by her theatre teachers, throughout the years Ilina’s creative focus shifted to filmmaking.
After graduating Ilina started working in the field of film and TV in various positions, and developing her film projects. Ilina been involved in several short fiction films as a director, actress, writer, producer, assistant director and even camera operator. Her work was shown in festivals in Bulgaria, France, Estonia and will be soon in the USA. In 2013 Ilina decided to deepen her studies in film and enrolled in a MA program in Film Directing in the Baltic Film and Media school in Tallinn, Estonia. In early 2016 Ilina completed the Eat me! musical film which is being screened around the world and has received 13 awards. She graduated in 2016 with her degree project “Snowgirl” – a fantasy based on a Russian fairy tale. She is currently working on several projects and is a part of the Uga Buga Art team.
Ilina enjoys working with music, dance, fantasy and fairy tale elements and is also interested in reaching younger generations as a target audience. She speaks fluent Bulgarian, English, Russian and French.

Ilina on Vimeo

Katja Fedulova/ Director of Photography – Teaser

katja fedulovaKatja Fedulova was born in in Leningrad, USSR. Currently she lives in Berlin.

Since her graduation in December 2010 from the Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie, Berlin (dffb) she has been working as a freelance Director and Cinematogapher in Germany and Russia. Her graduation work, the full length documentary “Glücksritterinnen” was nominated at First Steps 2011 and received the Prise as best Documentary film at achtung berlin! new berlin film award 2011. Glücksritterinnen also ran on numerous film festivals and started its German-wide distribution in February 2012.

She is currently involved in developing several projects, and recently won a Robert Bosch development prize. Her film “My name is Khadija” was produced on commission from the German 3Sat / ZDF television and she is currently finalising a full length documentary.

Katja Fedulova is also active as a visual artist and has a degree from the Kieler Muthesiushochschule from 2000.

More info about Katja Fedulova and her work on these websites  and

Xenia Ort/Animator – teaser

Michael Schmacke/Background Animator – teaser

Odile Hautemulle /Costume Designer

a notre facon logoAt the age of 20, Odile Hautemulle, who is a Parisian, took the passionate road to fashion and started her apprenticeship at the houses of Balmain and Cerrutti 1881. This is how she has refined her style, by working with fashion designers such as Christian Lacroix, Quasar Khan, as well Popy Moreni.

Since she was passionate about history of costume , Odile has debuted her carrier as a cinema costume designer with God’s bastard by  Christian Fechner, Queen Margot by Patrice Chereau, Maybe by Cédric Klapisch.

Because her desire to try out everything was insatiable, in theatre she collaborated with Alfredo Arias and  merged herself in the publicity world with Jean-Paul Goude and Patrice Leconte.

Her sources of inspiration come from the universe of Tadeusz Kantor, the films of Federico Fellini and the magical world of circus.

Since april 2012 she has opened an atelier for  costume production in Berlin where she also features costumes which she has designed throughout her career . The studio is open from wednesday to saturday from 14 to 19h by appointment only.


Very small sample of some of Odile's truly prolific work. L to R - costumes for Di Gianinna - Urmenetta -Otikker, gloves  in the atelier shop, costumes for the Weihnacht Zauber '09 show, Die Freischuetz, Film-Opera, dir.  Jens Neubert

Very small sample of some of Odile’s truly prolific work. L to R – costumes for Di Gianinna – Urmenetta -Otikker, gloves in the atelier shop, costumes for the Weihnacht Zauber ’09 show, costumes for “Die Freischuetz”, Film-Opera, dir. Jens Neubert

Eva Garland/Set designer, installation artist18121736_629951607203523_3755027818495279231_o

Eva Garland is a Berlin Based artist inspired by the organic and the visceral. Her work, especially with fabric and found materials, speaks directly to the gut.

Velislava Gospodinova – film storyboard artist

Born vg1986 in Sofia, Bulgaria, is a radiant, cheerful person with dark imaginative mind and crazy twisted dreams. That, combined with her different interests in various art forms, made her chose the path of the limitless animation universe as a vehicle of creative, mental and emotional self-expression.  She graduated with master degree in Animation Directing at New Bulgarian University in Sofia. Her graduation film from 2009 – “The Lighthouse” (“Farat”) has been screened to more than 100 international film festivals, has been certified with numerous awards and has succeeded to win the attention and the recognition of renowned film professionals and critics nationally and internationally.
“The Blood” (“Kravta”) – 2012, is her debut film. It is supported by the Bulgarian National film center and it had recently ended its successful festival run, very well received, with couple of awards and already more than 30 screenings. For over 10 years now, Velislava also works commercially in the field of visual effects and 2D compositing. She is a freelance art director, compositor and animator. 2010 she was selected and participated in the prestigious Berlinale Talent Campus. 2012 she took part in a prominent Producers’ Masterclass in London, where her interest in film producing arose. 2014 she founded her own production company in Sofia – “Red Stroke Ltd.” At the moment is in production of her new short animation film, supported again by the Bulgarian National film center. She is in the process of creating the storyboard for the Appetite film.
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Lilly Albishausen – make up teaser

lilly albishausenLilly Albishausen was born in 1978 to a family of hairstylists in Berlin. Since childhood she has been very outgoing and  opend-minded about people. She has saved her childish curiosity until today.
Lilly was  born with love for opera and theatre.  So she applied for a volunteer at the make up and wig department. She had the incredible fortune to be supported by the head of make up and wig department Helga Teuscher, to work as a make up artist at Bregenzer Festspiele. She began her apprenticeship at the Thalia Theater. At this time she discovered the artistic side of her personality got the opportunity of realizing own projects during her apprenticeship in 2003 – 2006, especially for the University of Music and Theatre and the Designfactory in Hamburg. Starting as make up artist assistant, she worked for several tv productions, eg. Nachtschicht and the German classic crime series Tatort. But Lilly’s big love is  theatre. She worked with famous directors like David Poutney and Robert Anton Wilson. She made wigs for Deutsche Schauspielhaus Hamburg. Three times she worked at one of the biggest theatre festivals in Germany, Ruhrtriennale. She supported the make up and wig department of the Karl-May-Festspiele, in cooperation with her highly honourable colleague Pia Norberg, in 2014, for a second time in a row. At this point, Lilly’s basic knowledge of chemistry helped for testing new materials for make up and prosthetics. Always on the lookout for fresh fields of activity,  she decided to collaborate with productions like Doctor Miracle by young director Axel Heil, the world biggest LARP Event Conquest Of Mythodea or Project Appetite by Yagama. Here she had the possibility to contribute her own ideas.
Besides her varied work, Lilly tries to follow her other interests like photography, writing and sculpturing. Found out more about Lilly’s work here.

Lilly Albishausen's works in prosthetics, theatee make up and sculpture

Lilly Albishausen’s works in prosthetics, theatre make up and sculpture



Michi Ukawa/Prop Artist – teaser

pucicatBorn in Japan.

I moved to Los Angeles after graduating from University of Oregon and worked as a graphic designer in a printing company.  By pure chance, I joined to work as a translator/graphic designer on Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill Vol.1”.  Since then I have had opportunities to work with production designers Yohei Taneda, David Wasco and prop master Steve Joyner.

When not working in movies, I worked as a freelance graphic designer making logos and doing magazine layouts.  In spare time, movie geek friends and I made short movies and documentaries like many people in Los Angeles do and helped other artists’ works by designing their books or making posters and flyers for their events.

I worked for a New York based interior design firm Octave Studio on their west coast projects to learn space designing in the last two years of my time in the States.

Since I moved to Berlin, I haven’t had many chances to encounter people who are making movies on their own, so I am excited to work on this project.


Dominic Taylor/ Postproduction – teaser


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