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We shot the teaser!

We just shot the live action part of our teaser in a friendly studio in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

On the photo below -the wonderful Appetite CAST and CREW after our teaser shoot this Sunday, November 3rd! ♥

It was a special day – new moon, solar eclipse, Diwali – the Festival of Light in India, retrograde Mercury – time to finish what you started. We sure head a lot of fun during that 12 hour + shooting. Now it’s time to start on the teaser animation and post production… still a long way but we made a big step in the right direction!

Appetite crew_3.11.2013_photo by Christian Sonntag

Appetite crew_3.11.2013_photo by Christian Sonntag


Appetite Exhibition opening night photos

On May the 3rd  our exhibition opened with a bang at the Porcelaingres space in Berlin. There were three great performances, in the atmosphere created by Yagama’s rabbit and cannibalistic paintings and photos, research elements towards the film, illustrations and the stomach installation.

First, inside the tentacled visceral world of the Rabbit’s innards created by Yagama and Eva Gardner, there was an improvisational performance  with the film’s actors. The costumes were by Odile Hautemulle, props by Michi Ukawa, with Dieter Rita Scholl, Lynn Femme, Ada Kowalewski, Tomer Dotan and Stephen Patrick Hannah,  art direction and direction by Yagama.

The next performance by Grapeshade took place in another room of this beautiful space. The group plays with violin, bass and dance in and innovative and improvisational way. The members of the band present were Klaus Janeke, Ingo Reulecke, and the violin player in our film, Biliana Voutchkova.

The party ended on an idm note with our sound artist Viktor Marinov playing a dj set with his own music as Vataff Project.

It was a wonderful beginning to our project and we hope to raise some funds as well as the show goes on.

All art is available as prints of various sizes. The exhibition continues until June, so if you are in Berlin, be sure to check it out! Yagama will be announcing guided tours of the exhibition explaining the project for those who couldn’t come to the opening.T he information will appear here and here.

photos by Dean Zagorchinov and Yagama

Appetite Exhibition Invite

The first Appetite exhibition is coming up and there will be an exciting opening event featuring performances by artists in the project. APPETITE exhibition OPENING on May 3rd 2012, starting at 19.00 at Porcelaingres, Mehringdamm 55 / Sarotti Höfe, 10961 Berlin
with performances by artists taking part in the film:
– “Appetite” improvisational performance with the cast of the film: Ada Kowalewski, Dita Scholl, Lynn Femme, Stephen Patrick Hannah, Tomer Dotan  in the roles of the Journalist, the Queen, the Servant, the General and the Banker, respectively. Set by Michi Ukawa and Eva Garland,  costumes by Odile Hautemulle,
–  Grapeshade  – improvisational music and dance performance group with the film’s violinist Biliana Voutchkova, Katharina Meves (dance), Ingo Reulecke (dance), Klaus Janek  (double bass and electronics)
– Vataff Project – deep ambient set – music by our sound designer Viktor Marinov.
This is a fundraising exhibition towards to production of the actual film. 
The show is on May 3rd -June 7th 2013
And here is the lovely flyer by Nad Graphics.



APPETITE Exhibition dates confirmed!

The APPETITE project consists of more than a film – it is a world created by means of painting, animation, performance, and music, to name just a few. We are currently preparing the first APPETITE EXHIBITION, featuring work by the Appetite crew’s  artists and musicians, and conceptualized by Yagama. We have been graciously invited to present our show at the Porcelaingres showroom , a beautiful exhibition space in the heart of Berlin’s Kreuzberg. The opening is on May 3rd 2013 and will feature performances and surprises by the Appetite project’s artists.

The show will be on May 3rd-June 7th.

Stay tuned for more details!


Our Queen :)

We are happy to welcome the fabulous Dieter Rita Scholl aka Dita for the role of the Queen. S/he is well known in Berlin circles and very active as a performer and actor.  Below is a photo of Dita from one of her current shows “Ich Bin was du Vergessen Hast” More info coming soon in the Cast section of the blog!

photo Effi Effinghausen

photo Effi Effinghausen

One more talent joins our cast!

We are happy to announce that the actress Lynn Femme has joined our cast for the Appetite performance at our upcoming exhibition!!

She will be playing the role of the Servant.

More information about her coming soon on the Cast page.

lynn femme

New cast member!

We are very pleased to welcome Stephen Patrick Hannah who will play the role of the General in the Appetite performance at our upcoming exhibition!

Find out more about this wonderful actor in the Cast section of the blog.


Casting December 7th

On December 7th we conducted a casting at Theaterhaus Mitte for the roles of the General and the Servant. Thanks to all the talents that came! We will be announcing our decision in the beginning of the new year. We are still searching for an actor to play the role of the QUEEN, contact us for more information!

New cast member!

Tomer Dotan is now part of our cast! He will be playing the role of the Banker. More info about him soon in the “Cast” section…

Film casting Part2

We will be doing another audition on Saturday 18th of June at Theaterhaus Mitte after 17 p.m. We are looking for actors for the following roles: The General, The Hag, The Soldier, the Servant and the Banker. If you are interested in participating, please contact us by leaving a comment or writing


We are very happy to announce the names of the actor, who has joined their energies with I AM HUNGRY. Ada Kowalewski will play the Journalist. More about her on our cast page.

Below is a still from Ada’s funny and entertaining performance at the audition in April. Camera by Sebastian Messinger.

Casting continues…

We are very excited and happy to have found some of the actors for the film and will be announcing their names very soon! But we are still looking for actors to play the roles of the General, the Soldier, the Banker, the Servant and the Hag, so if you are interested please write Yagama at We are looking forward to meeting you!

Film casting

The I AM HUNGRY film crew started gathering in the spring. We started looking for actors for the film part of I AM HUNGRY in March. Our first casting was on April 11, 2011 at Theaterhaus Mitte in Berlin, and was attended by many great actors. We thank everyone for participating in the casting, all the potential cast, and Ilina Perianova, Sebastian Messinger, Jasmina Cholakova, and Pedro Deltell Colomer.
We are looking for actors for the following roles (in alphabetic order): Banker, General, Hag, Fool, Queen,  Media, Servant, Soldier. For more information please write Yagama at
Next casting date to be announced soon!

I AM HUNGRY April 11th, 2011 casting crew discussion