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Teaser Cast (in alphabetic order):

Ada Kowalewski

Speaking about why she became an actress, Ada Kowalewski says that is was fate written in the stars. Even as a small child she had great fun carefully observing other people and imitating them.

Born in Poland in 1986, she graduated as an actress from Schauspielschule für Theater und Film, Berlin, in 2009. Since then, she has participated in many theater plays, and has most recently put her energy and talent into films such as  Codewort:Mr. Bean (D. Peggy Sue Productions), and Krank geliebt (D. Otwin Biernat) .

You can find out more about Ada on her website




Dieter Rita Scholl

 dieter scholl dita Born in Freiburg/South Germany. I lived in Tübingen, Hamburg, München and
since 1988 in Berlin. Autodidactic artist. Actor, actress, singer, writer, director and organizer of different theater pieces and performances. Working for Goethe Institut Freiburg, Munich and Paris. A lot of off-theatre solo and ensemble in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg etc.
Some films for example with: Istvan Szabo “Meeting Venus”, Dani Levy “Das Leben ist zu lang”, “Deutschland 09”, Oskar Roehler “Agnes und seine Brüder”etc.
Tv-Series: “Hinter Gittern”(RTL), “Großstadtrevier”(ARD)
Tv-films: “Der Schattenmann” 5-Teiler von Dieter Wedel, ZDF “Hagedorn’s Tochter” ZDF-Mehrteiler, “COLD STAR” – Music-Video by Kai Staenicke


Fang Yun Lo

Fang Yun Lo

Fang Yun Lo was born in Taichung, Taiwan.

She has been dancing since elementary school, and studied dance in the Dance Department at Taipei Physical Education College (Taiwan) from 2000 to 2004. Fang Yun graduated from Dance Studies at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen 2008, and completed postgraduate studies in choreography at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen from 2008 to 2010.

She has worked with different artists such as Robert Wilson, Ben J. Riepe, Andrea K.Schlehwein, Chun Hsien Wu, Henrietta Horn and Gemelli de Filippis.

She was awarded First Prize in 13MASDANZA- the International Contemporary Dance Festival of the Canary Island for her performance Two Point Four,” and her show“27 o’clock” won the Audience Prize in the 638kg Dance Festival Essen.



Lenjes Robinson

lenjes robinsonLenjes Robinson is a musician originally from the USA, living and working in Germany since the 90’s. His amazing career includes playing in more or less conventional bands, wild circus performances, as well as appearances in various films.





Tomer Dotan

tomer dotanTomer Dotan was born in 1987 in Israel and made it there to the age of 23. Then, writing and performing theatre, he moved to Berlin to find out the performing-arts world Berlin has to offer. He writes literary and journalistic texts, and took part in several performances and theatre pieces in a variety of positions, including most recently internships with the the Gob Squad at Hau Theatre, and with the International Theatre Ensemble “Das Übertheater”.




Additional Cast:

Lynn Femme  (as the Servant in the May 4th 2013 perfomance at Porcelaingres, Berlin)

Lynn_cropppedLynn Femme was born in Vietnam. Shortly after her birth her father left for working in the GDR. A few years after the fall of the Berlin wall the rest of the family – which was her and her mom and her older sister – joined him. The first year in Germany was an odyssey but the family finally settled down in a small town called Breisach in South Germany where Lynn grewg up.
When she was younger, she dreamed of being a dancer, and so she and her friend started their own dance group. During one of their performances Lynn was asked by the intendant of the theater Freiburg if she would like to play the main character in a play. She said yes – by the way only because she could skip school for one week for the rehearsals. She realized that not dancing was her true passion – but acting. So she started to take lessons and moved to Berlin to study drama. Since then she appeared in several movies on German tv and cinema.


Stephen Patrick Hannah (as the General in the May 4th 2013 performance at Porcelaingres, Berlin)

DSC_0003_bleach_editIn the words of the actor himself : “I’m from Ireland and its were I  began my studies in acting. Completing B-TEC Course in acting stage craft / lighting and acting Skills. In beginning I was doing political Theater highlighting the conflict in Ireland. Then I moved to Berlin as a invite to work with English Theatre in Berlin in Someone Who Watches Over Me by Frank Mc Guinness. I believe a lot in what I do is good I’ve been fortunate in the roles I’ve play in because its were I had the chance to make my experience in my life pay off for me..I’ve been involved in many workshops – Stanislavski, Sanford Meisner. Am always moving in the direction of improvement. I love what I do… “

You can find out more about Stephen Patrick on his websites:



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