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The hunger for real and artificially created human needs has become the driving force of contemporary human society. Is desire the essence of human nature and the ultimate cause for humankind’s ills? Is there a point in trying to change things?

“APPETITE” is a film and art project, consisting of a short film, an art exhibition. The project incorporates animation and acting into a story of a grotesque and philosophical journey through the belly of the beast and it’s inhabitants.

A journey Into the Belly of the Beast.

Summary: A little human Being gets eaten by a gigantic purple Rabbit. It finds itself in the Rabbit’s stomach, where an official dinner spirals into a cannibalistic orgy of consumption. As the Being escapes deeper inside the animal’s digestive system, it encounters a strange world where each step is fraught with the danger of being devoured. A discovery inside the Rabbit’s caecum inspires the Being to try and change its destiny. Is there a way out of the loop?

Mixing different styles of animation and real actors and following a circular narrative, the story is a darkly comical surreal allegory of society and our incessant appetites.

The animated characters are based on paintings by Yagama. The animation will be digitally composited cutout, pixellation and mixed techniques. The film is projected to be 15 min. long, no dialogue, 16:9

Written and directed by Yagama, co-directed by Ilina Perianova – the sister duo behind Uga Buga Art.

Looking for a (co)producer. Check out our teaser showing a rough test of the idea!

The art exhibitions consist of installations,  paintings and other work, created by Yagama using the thematics, style and characters from the film. There will be several art exhibition as a fundraiser for the film, and another art exhibition in the final stage of the APPETITE project.

The first APPETITE art exhibition took place in the Porcelaingres Showroom space in Berlin, between May and June 2013. Photos here and here and here  and over here is the “making of.” There have also been presentations of the projects at various events in Berlin. The next exhibition is in September 2017 in Berlin at Zeitzone Gallery.

rabbit and being 2 crop, oil on canvas

rabbit and being 1 painting crop, oil on canvas

rabbit and being 1 crop, oil on canvas

                                                                                                                                                                          “…Dinner has commenced
the exquisite glitter of candelight caught
in the mercurial silhouettes of fine cutlery.
No slurping here.
The delicate boullion, though made of the past
is the noble colour of amber.
Spoons are gracious and receptive, like Mother
Then it hits you in the main vein anyway, of course
Knives cut through everything at stake
raw blood drips from empty spaces
Forks aristocratically poke at emotions
appetizing bits of veiled messages brought to the lips…
and the chewing –
you’d think they swallow the pieces whole,
so refined their mouth movements.
But their teeth are sharp.
The salad of confusion sprinkled with apathy
doesn’t excite anyone
but then again, we choose the healthy option.
Forgotten pieces of landmines explode between our teeth
This food is giving me nuclear decomposition.
I am glowing like a lightbulb…”

excerpt from “I Am Hungry” poem by Yagama

<p><a href=”″>APPETITE teaser</a> from <a href=””>yagama</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


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