film project

I AM HUNGRY concept

The idea for I AM HUNGRY arose from Yagama’s intention to unify her diverse artistic practices into a coherent whole piece, joining together painting and installation with live media and film. After years of exploring the various artistic media, the time came to endeavor to create a complete world, a slightly twisted parable of our own. The impetus came from working with Ilina Perianova on her theater performance on the topic of hunger, “Gladen Sam,” and her longstanding interest in food and the social and symbolic implications surrounding it and the act of eating.

The Universe could be said to be propelled by hunger, an eternal search for something new, a thirst for creation or destruction, a perhaps ever expanding process of consuming and transforming energy and matter, a ceaseless flux between the empty and the full. There are even some theories, according to which consciousness exists because through it, the Universe becomes aware of Itself, in other words, because of its hunger for awareness. Hunger in its many avatars can be said to be the driving force behind human individual and social behaviours.

I AM HUNGRY explores various aspects, levels and manifestations of hunger through an absurdist allegory of human society as the digestive system of a mythical animal and a little hero’s travels through its worlds.

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